Google Ads Management

9 out of 10 Australians search Google for products and services. Get in front of these customers and fast track your sales. We build strategic Ad campaigns geared for conversions.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising is the quicker solution to increase sales

Anyone can set up ads and send them out with a budget but why waste your money on low converting leads? We build strong campaigns geared for high conversions through our highly successful landing pages.

So what is PPC?

Pay per click advertising is a type of paid advertising. You’ve probably searched for something on Google to find the first few options displaying “Ad”. This type of advertising puts your message right at the top of the search results, directly in front of the customers you want.


It might cost a local mechanic $40 in paid advertising to get a customer to book a service. The service costs $420 so the mechanic is making $380. The lesson is, the mechanic would have never made that $380 without paid advertising. With a well oiled campaign focusing on high quality scores and landing page optimsiation, you'll discover that it’s worth the investment.


$40 Ad cost


$420 - $40 = $380


To the mechanic (estimate only)

We create high conversion PPC ads within your budget

Plus we A&B split test different copy to identify which ad is more effective and worthy to assign to your budget.

You need paid advertising that is geared to generate sales.

Bid Strategy

Think of Adwords like an auction. You and your competitors are trying to win the best position. We keep optimising the bid strategy for best results within your budget.

Competitor Analysis

We can see when your competitors are easing off and we know when to swoop in.

Keyword Research

We analyze keyword trends and forecasts so that you know how much to spend to achieve your outcomes.

Lead Generation

Is your focus to generate more leads? When a user clicks your ad, we can design landing pages that strongly prompt the visitor to achieve your goal.

And it Doesn't Stop there...

Social Ads
Social ads are awesome for lower value items under $300. This is because the cost per click in social media ads can be lower than Google Ads.
Google Ads
We specialize in Google Ads due to it's proven ability to drive more sales from the customer.
Ever seen that ad pop up again? Chances are you've been re-targeted. A smart solution we can help with.
Pay Per Click FAQ

Common PPC Questions we get asked

What is meant by “targeted ads”?
Hinton Digital identifies the audience that is most attracted to your products and those that could be potential customers. To target the right audience means marketing dollars are spent attracting the right people, at the right time, and in the right places.
What is a “high conversion landing page”?
A landing page is where customers come when they click a CTA or “Call to Action” button like “Get it Now” in a Google ad. Hinton Digital manages the landing page on your website to ensure customers see what they came for, and are persuaded to make a purchase.
What makes a “high conversion landing page”?
Hinton Digital investigates customer patterns for your product/s and develops a page that caters for that behaviour. For example, one of your service features may be “same day delivery”. If the customer is attracted to “same day delivery” they expect to see it prominently displayed. There will also be easily recognisable purchase buttons to make buying easy. The idea is to make the landing page as attractive and painless as possible.
How are the ads “managed”?
Hinton Digital researches keywords most used by customers to find your product and puts them into copy to grab the customers’ attention. Hinton Digital will then bid for the placement of keywords using the Ad Words budget. The strategy will be refined through testing and data to develop the best conversion rate.
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"We are sharp shooters that will give you honest advice and won’t set you up on programs that aren’t suited to your business."

Chris Hinton | Co-owner

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We are sharp shooters that will give you honest advice and won’t set you up on programs that aren’t suited to your business.