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Let's face it e-v-e-r-y person judges a businesses from their website. Don't neglect the power of what a website can do. We have designed & developed countless websites geared towards the user experience (UX) and targeted conversions.

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Your website is the salesperson when you're not there...

If your website has a bunch of content with no structure chances are the user will be unsatisfied / confused then click off. Your website should delight your customers, voice a message and encourage them to contact you.

Does your website communicate effectively?

We design websites for human behaviour, web psychology and user experience.

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What Makes a Good Website?

We've been building websites for a long time and in that time we've been able to identify the key points that make a website suitable for todays audience and fundamentally reach the client and users goal.

Want to know if your website is up to scratch?

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UX (user experience) is super important.

User Experience is a fundamental element to designing websites. How is your visitor going to feel when they enter? Is all the information in the right places to ensure a clear understanding of your objective? Do they delight when scrolling through and feel comfortable to click the contact button? We brainstorm “user journey” with our web developers to map out consumer behaviour to make the journey streamlined.

Web design principals we Incorporate in our builds:

SEO-driven copy writing

We research keywords that refer to your business and choose the best range to optimise SEO.

Colour Psychology

Colour can influence mood, desire, comfort and engagement. It can also be used to enhance comprehension.

Keyword research

We use a range of resources to investigate keywords and then priortise them to suit your business.

Google optimisation

We use techniques designed to accommodate Google when crawling for information through your website.

More important elements:

Analytical Data Collection
Decisions based on data and statistics
Mobile Friendly
Globally, 68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile
SEO Structured
Attract a global customer base
Site Mapping
Crawl ready site indexes so search engines can read your site pages
Ecommerce Ready
Shopify | WooCommerce & more
Monthly Audits
Improvements driven by data

Common Web Building Questions we get asked

Where do I start?
Think about what you want to achieve with a website and jot down points that are important to your business. Hinton Digital will send you a questionnaire to ask about your objectives, your business, your competition and about your products. They will follow up with a meeting to discuss these points and then do some research on the information you have supplied. Next they will present you with a draft design layout and go from there.
What do I have to do to make it happen?
Tell us everything we need to know about your business, your competition, your products/services and what you hope to achieve. We will need photos, reviews and information to insert into the website. Hinton Digital will guide you all the way with this.
How many reviews of the website can I have?
The quoted price will include two reviews. Any more reviews will incur a cost. We try to get everything you want into the website the first time. Doing some homework on what you want to achieve and gathering the information and images we need will help to streamline the process.
Can Hinton Digital do any additions to my website after it goes live?
Yes. Hinton Digital can work closely with you to enhance and build your website over time as your business grows. Additions to the website after the initial quoted project is complete will incur extra costs. Hinton Digital can also train you to access the back end of the website to include any new material.
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Not sure where to start?

Get in touch with us. Let us understand your goals, and devise effective ways to achieve them within your budget.

"We’re sharpshooters. We give you honest advice and won’t set you up on campaigns that aren’t suited to your business."

Chris Hinton | Co-owner

What sets us apart?

Got that local feel
Like most local businesees they tend to go above and beyond, that's no different to us.
We don’t leave you hangin’
We don’t push you aside. When you need us we're there.
No fluff
Less hype more doing, actions speak louder than words. We understand your goals and start the wheels moving straightaway.

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